Director: Zheng Chang

Actors: Yihong Duan, Nan Yu, Jingchun Wang, Taishen Cheng, Chong Chen, Wenteng Dong, Wencai Fang, Jiandong Gao, Xiangkun Gao, Hua Guo, Liang Hao, Xiaojin Hao, Jun He, Ming He, Zixuan Huang

Production: Huayi Brothers Media, Khorgos Taihe Digital Entertainment Cultural Development, Beijing Ferry Pictures

Genres: Action, Thriller

Country: China

Release Year: 2017

Duration: 106 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Zhao Xudong is a blaster technician. When an explosion happens in the mine and kills four workers, Zhao survives. He suspects that the explosion is not an accident, and when he investigates further, two miners and the mine owner are murdered. As the body count increases, Zhao becomes the prime suspect, and he has to clear his own name.

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