Jacob's Hammer

Director: Angie Bojtler

Actors: Helen Holman, Luis James Farouk, Diane Rimmer, George McCluskey, Thom Heath, Christain Lopez, Adi Alfa, Chelsea-Louise Taylor, Emma Montgomery, Hayley Clark, Maxine Hughes, Kev Martin, Elena Stephenson, Zac Tellett

Production: Arcady Media, Arkady Pictures, Dream State Pictures

Genres: Horror

Country: UK

Release Year: 2012

Duration: 90 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: Sadie dotes on six year old son Jacob. He is her only source of comfort and her only true friend. But, deep down Sadie has always known that there is something not quite right about 'her boy'. That is why she tries to keep him out of sight from the rest of the world. For years she has dealt with the strange noises in the night, nightmares and ghostly apparitions but when friends and family start to meet with brutal and tragic ends Sadie is left with no choice. It's time to accept the truth and confront the evil... Jacob's Hammer... When a mother's love is no defence...

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