The Adventures of the Wilderness Family

Director: Stewart Raffill

Actors: Robert Logan, Susan Damante, Hollye Holmes, Ham Larsen, George 'Buck' Flower, William Cornford, John F. Goff, Herbert F. Nelson

Production: Pacific International Pictures, Wilderness Family Inc.

Genres: Adventure, Drama, Family

Country: USA

Release Year: 1975

Duration: 100 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: City dweller Skip leaves his urban life behind indefinitely to seek fresh air for his daughter's health. His wife begrudgingly sacrifices domestic comforts, while their darling boy Toby, their daughter Jenny, and their dog Crust have the time of their lives roaming in the wild. Meeting wildlife however has its pros and cons, especially as not all bears are nearly as tame as a local glutton and a pair of cubs in need of adoption. They soon learn to love every moment with family- including old man Boomer and animal friends.

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