The Great Guys

Director: Jin Zhang

Actors: Kexin Bao, Alesia Barry, Arianna Barry, Xunjin Bi, Yuqing Chang, Jianfeng Chao, Robert Factor, John Gu, Zhou Guo, Jiannan Hao, Tiffany Hsu, Zheng Jiao, Donna Lee, Leann Lei, Dongai Li

Genres: Drama, Family, Sci-Fi

Country: China, USA

Release Year: 2016

Duration: 90 min

Total viewed: 0

Synopsis: One fairy comes to earth to look for the greatest kid to keep her home, which is in a fairy tale world. She meets eight kids and hears eight different stories. At the end of the story, she decides to bring all those eight kids to go back her home together.

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